Independent Contractor, Aug 2016 - Present

Aug 2016 - Present

Local Business Sites

I built a site for Elodie Garcia, founder of Graines d'Aventuriers, where she teaches outdoor skills to children. I also do web development for NW Wine Shuttle, a local business providing wine tours in the Willamette Valley. Prototyping

I joined an established UI team, acting as a Javascript developer to help rapidly prototype highly interactive and detail-oriented designs for Nike.

Mobile Startup

I was hired as the sole UI developer for a startup building a mobile application using React Native, where I worked with a designer and a backend developer to build the application from the ground up.

And more...

Contracting comes with a continuous stream of interesting projects, from small to large, so I'm always working on something new., Aug 2015 - Jul 2016

Aug 2015 - Jul 2016

Living Styleguide

I created a styleguide and living documentation for Sass styles and React components to encourage code reuse throughout the site. This was done as a custom NodeJS application that would render live components with specs and examples of Sass mixin and variable usage.

Agile Restructuring

As team lead, I interfaced with product managers and other stakeholders about incoming features or product changes to consult on feasibility or timelines, and helped limit internal team processes (maximizing developer time) and encouraging cross-team communication and knowledge sharing.

Migration to React

We created and deployed an isomorphically rendered application framework to be used by ourselves and other internal teams for the migration of an existing site into React.

Real Magnet, Jul 2012 - Aug 2015

Jul 2012 - Aug 2015

Google Closure Template Loader for Webpack

While working on a continuous build system for a redesign, I realized that there was no webpack loader for Google Closure, the templating system used by our development team. I decided that this would be a nice project to learn more about webpack's internals and built an open source loader for soy templates and published it to NPM.

Mobile Web Application

For an upcoming greenfield project, I was tasked with bootstrapping the project structure, tooling, and patterns. The project was developed based on composable CSS components and a fully animated interface using CSS 3, Backbone, and Marionette.

HTML/CSS Styleguide Renderer

In building different personal and professional projects I found a dearth of tools to help build styleguides maintainable by those who consume and update them: designers and developers. I decided to write a tool which would take an HTML 5 document containing composible code patterns and render those patterns live with the brand CSS.

Data Visualization Plugin

To help support tracking automated marketing campaigns, we used D3.js and vector based graphics, abstracted into a jQuery plugin to render charts with custom animations for our specific needs.

Web Page and Email Builder

When tasked with building a UI for editing web pages a designer and I planned and built a drag and drop WYSIWYG tool where users could build a web page from scratch, loading images and writing in movable components.

Custom AMD Loader

After joining the team as a dedicated Javascript developer, I created a custom AMD loader, similar to RequireJS. This allowed the team to write front end code in self-contained modules and pull in dependencies as needed, speeding up the site and cleaning our front end by conforming to a modular pattern.

Acumen Solutions, Feb 2011 - Jul 2012

Feb 2011 - Jul 2012

Asynchronous Login UI

I worked as a lead front end developer on a team to upgrade the client's website login to be asynchronous, where I was responsible for suggesting the optimal asynchronous technique and building the UI and three custom jQuery plugins to handle it.

Site Optimization

I acted as the sole front end developer in a push to optimize one of the client's websites. My responsibilities included implementing optimization best practices (image sprites, parallel HTTP requests, etc.), and assisting with site maintenance and code QA. I was responsible for making the recommendations and implementing the code changes.

US Army, May 2011 - Jan 2012

May 2011 - Jan 2012

Operation Enduring Freedom

While in Afghanistan I gained leadership experience as my cell's chief at the provincial level, was able to help in medical facilities to translate and care for injured Afghans, and was nominated for a Bronze Star and awarded an Army Commendation Medal. In my free time I wrote Python and Visual Basic programs that worked in conjunction to automate time consuming tasks.

L-3 Communications, Jan 2008 - Feb 2009

Jan 2008 - Feb 2009

Custom Content Management System

I led front end development and assisted with back end development of a custom, multi-language (12+) and multi-site CMS. My responsibilities included initial framework development (PHP), helping define functionality requirements, leading front end development, and screening candidate web developers.