Hi, I'm Ben!

I build things with code.

  1. Aclima Insights

    An informational page about hyperlocal air quality which I built for Aclima.

  2. Intel History Exhibit

    I worked with Instrument to build an interactive historical timeline for the Intel Museum.

  3. @zeit/next-workers

    I started the official Next plugin that includes WebWorkers in the compilation flow, so external threads can use modern Javascript or Typescript.

  4. Nike Prototyping

    I built interactive prototypes for Instrument and Nike to test redesigns for their main website navigation and sales flow.

  5. Idealist.org

    A popular nonprofit job and volunteer opportunity search engine. I was a technical lead for a team of developers here.

  6. soy-loader

    I built the webpack loader for compiling Google closure templates.

  7. Real Magnet

    I worked as the first dedicated front-end developer at this marketing SaaS company that was acquired by HigherLogic.

  8. Food Network

    I consulted at Scripps Networks to build the frontend for a single-sign-on between FoodNetwork.com and their other websites.